Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stamp Collecting isn't what it used to be (Orlando Sentinel, FL)

Old hobby still has stamp of approval

But philately has assumed a new face, thanks to the Internet.

Stamp collecting isn't what it used to be. The hobby once rooted in collectors' homes and schools and in small stamp shops scattered around the country is now grounded on the Internet.

These changes have led to countless rumors that philately, as the hobby is called, is dying.

But while many longtime collectors lament some of the changes their pastime is facing, there is no doubt that philately is thriving. Stamp values are on the rise, and the number of collectors is growing as novices increasingly use the Internet to try their hand at this 170-year-old pastime. . . .

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Post office celebrates 'Star Wars' milestone with stamp set (The Herald News, MA)

FALL RIVER - Characters from the movie "Star Wars" weren't only on the stamps and envelopes released by the U.S. Postal Service Friday, but were in the lobbies of area post offices to mark the movie's 30th anniversary.

"'Star Wars' has certainly stood the test of time," said Randy Herman of Plymouth, who spent Friday morning as Darth Vader. "It's pretty awesome that this all happened from one guy's - George Lucas's - imagination."

The 15-set commemmorative stamp collection features many characters and vehicles . . .

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stamp Collectors: Canada Post stamps Ottawa's 150th anniversary as nation's capital (Press Release)

Ottawa - Canada Post will issue on May 3rd a domestic rate and international rate commemorative stamp to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Ottawa as the nation's capital.

Queen Victoria selected Ottawa as the Capital of the United Province of Canada in 1857. Prior to that, Kingston, Montreal, Toronto and Quebec were competing to become the permanent capital of the newly united colony. The final decision was then referred to Queen Victoria. . . .

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Stamp Collectors: Stamps mark the centennial of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (Press Release)

Ottawa - For the last 100 years, the Royal Architectural Institute (RAIC) of Canada has helped build this country by providing the national framework for the development and recognition of architectural excellence. To commemorate its centennial Canada Post will issue a set of four domestic rate stamps on May 9.

The four masterworks chosen to grace these stamps are signature pieces by architects who have received the RAIC gold medal as well as . . .

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Stamp Collectors: Jamestown Souvenir Sheet Issued By The United States (

It has been 400-years since settlers landed at Jamestown and this historic event is commemorated with a double-sided souvenir sheet by the USPS. This attractive 20-stamp sheet was released May 1, 2007 and is one of the nicer looking souvenir sheets put out this year.
The design is taken from the painting done by Griffith Baily Coale in 1949. The three ships depicted include the Susan Constant, the Godspeed and the Discovery. On the front of the sheet is a single stamp . . .

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Stamp Collectors: Gibraltar to release new cruise ship stamps (Gibbons Stamp Monthly)

Cruise Ships Series concludes with third issue

Gibraltar Post conclude their three-issue Cruise Ships series with a new set of stamps featuring four of the huge ships which visit the rock each year. . . .

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First Day Cover and Stamp Collectors: New Jamestown Stamp Issued (

Jamestown Stamp to Be Issued Friday

WASHINGTON — A postage stamp commemorating the founding of the first permanent English colony in North America will be issued Friday.

The 41-cent stamp recalls the founding of the Jamestown colony 400 years ago

The Postal Service said the special stamp is only the third triangular one in its history. It represents the . . . 2007May08/0,4675,JamestownStamp,00.html

Last Chance to Mail at the 39-Cent Price (

New Prices Take Effect May 14 - Tips Offered to Save Money

WASHINGTON, D.C. - New postage prices and fees go into effect on Monday, May 14, including an increase in the price of a First-Class Mail stamp to 41 cents. But not all prices are going up.

Starting May 14, the price to mail a two-ounce First-Class Mail letter (wedding invitations sometimes weigh two ounces) will drop from the current 63 cents to 58 cents. Under a new pricing strategy, as mailpieces become heavier, the prices do not increase as much.

The charts below list some of the more common new prices and fees . . .

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Sunday, May 6, 2007


Postal Service Licensee 'Good Fortunes' Cooks Up a Treat for Mom

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Think of the hours and hours spent before the holidays. Picture an over-heated kitchen in the middle of summer. Remember the tireless devotion to birthday treats for homeroom celebrations.

As the day celebrating all that she does approaches, the U.S. Postal Service has a suggestion for a unique gift that will help sons, daughters and grandchildren everywhere put a little love in the mail to Mom: homemade and hand-dipped gourmet cookies.

Made with that special ingredient.


The sugar-coated, edible kind. . . .

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Are Forever stamps worth hoarding? (The News Journal, DE)

I used to proudly proclaim I was a bargain shopper. I would get goose bumps when I saw a store sign that said, "Save Now."

But the truth about money is that when you spend, you never save. Yes, if you buy one pair of shoes for full price and get a second pair for half off, you may have gotten a bargain. However, you have not saved a penny. You've just spent less.

I'm reminded of that as I contemplate whether I should stock up on the U.S. Postal Service's new "Forever" postage stamps. . . .

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