Monday, April 25, 2011

Kate Middleton and Prince William Royal Wedding Postage Stamps in Hot Demand

TOOWOOMBA’S royal watchers have eagerly snapped up limited-edition postage stamps and coins featuring the soon-to-be wed Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Young and old, stamp collectors and royal enthusiasts have all but exhausted the Garden City’s supply of the commemorative products issued by Australia Post.

The stamp featuring the couple’s engagement portrait was . . .

Full story at: Toowoomba Chronicle

Why Stamp Collecting Is A Good Hobby

Stamp collecting might not be something that appeals to you if you have never done this before.

April 23, 2011 -- But if you have never played football either, then you might not find the prospect of grown men kicking a ball about all that attractive either. Each hobby will attract a certain type of person but there are benefits to all hobbies, even stamp collecting; otherwise who would bother with it in the first place. Here are just a few good reasons to collect stamps. . . .

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Vatican Issues Easter Postage Stamp

In 2011 a celebratory postage stamp for Easter was introduced into the annual philatelic programme. This year Easter will be celebrated with a stamp featuring the central moment of the salvific mission of Our Lord - the Resurrection - as seen in a detail of a wall mural located at the main entrance to the Sistine Chapel. The fresco is perhaps one of the least known of the Sistine Chapel and is a work by Flemish painter Hendrick van den Broeck. It is a copy of an original by Ghirlandaio which was destroyed when the door frame collapsed in 1522. The painting is one the masterpieces of the 1400s alongside the frescoed walls and great paintings by Michelangelo.

Full stamp details at: Vatican Philatelic and Numismatic Office

Latvia Post Issues Europa Spruce and Birch Forest Postage Stamps

Latvian Post issued two new stamps in the Nationwide series of postage Europe - this year devoted to the forest theme, and designed by artist Edgar Folks.

Latvian Post issued the Birch Grove postage stamp with a value of LVL 0.55 which corresponds to the cost of sending a letter to European Union countries, while the Spruce Forest postage stamp has a value of LVL 1.20 and corresponds to a registered letter sent to European Union countries.

Full stamp details at: Lavia Post

Jersey Post Celebrates Queen Elizabeth II 85th Birthday on Postage Stamp

On 21st April 2011, Jersey Post celebrated the 85th birthday of HM The Queen with this £3 commemorative stamp in which she is portrayed during Her 2005 visit to Jersey. After one year, the stamp will become the new £3 value in Jersey Post's Definitive range of postage stamps. A Souvenir Miniature Sheet accompanies the issue.

Full stamp details at: Jersey Post

St. Kitts Latest to Issue Kate Middleton and Prince William Royal Wedding Postage Stamp

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, APRIL 20TH 2011 (CUOPM) – The General Post Office in St. Kitts will honour the Royal Wedding with the release of stamps celebrating the Engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

According to the General Post Office, the Souvenir Sheets and Sheetlets to mark this historic occasion would be released for sale on . . .

Full story at: SKNVibes News

USPS Says No to Architect Ralph Adams Cram on a Postage Stamp

Ralph Adams Cram ca. 1890
HAMPTON FALLS — U.S. Postal Service officials have passed over renowned architect and native son Ralph Adams Cram for postage stamp recognition.

Selectmen announced Wednesday night they had received a letter from Layne Owens, acting manager of stamp development for the U.S. Postal Service, that said the . . .

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 Memorial Day Postage Stamp Released by Israel Post

Israel has released the latest in a long standing tradition of postage stamps honoring Memorial Day. This year's stamp features a design by Osnat Eshel which features the words to a song titled "We are from the Same Village" by Naomi Shemer.

And on Friday evenings
When a soft breeze
Passes through black tree tops
I remember you

Full stamp details at: Israel Post

Butterflies of Israel Postage Stamps Released

Israel has released a beautiful series of Butterfly postage stamps that are sure to please stamp collectors.

The stamp series features 6 different butterfies from the following butterfly families: Swallowtail, Red Admiral, Caper White, Common Blue, and Plain Tiger.

Full stamp details at: Israel Post

Easter - Way of the Cross - Themed Postage Stamps Released by Croatia

Croatia Post has issued 14 commemorative postage stamps with the theme Easter - Way of the Cross. Each stamp features one of the fourteen Stations of the Cross.

These postage stamps honor the passion of Jesus Christ - the condemnation to death and the taking to the grave. This devotion stems from Jerusalem, when the faithful during the pilgrimage visited sites of Jesus' Passion. The 17th Century cross motives have become an integral part of the church interior, and each of the stations show a separate picture or statue.

Full stamp details at: Croatia Post

Spain Issues Postage Stamps Honoring the 25th Anniversary of The Goya Awards

Spain has released new postage stamps honoring their version of the Hollywood Oscar's - The Goya Awards.

This Spanish cinema series celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Goya Awards and the best film of 2010. It is made up of a souvenir sheet and a stamp.

The Goya to the best film has been awarded to Pa negre, directed by Agusti Villaronga. Filmed in Catalonian, it tells the story of the hardships of the post war years in rural Catalonia. The emotions and feelings of the characters of those who fought in the losing side of the war and its consequences are seen through the eyes of a child. The film won nine Goyas including . . .

Full stamp details at:

Korea Releases Joint Issue Postage Stamps with Portugal

The year 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Portugal. In celebration and commemoration of this 50th anniversary, Korea Post and its Portuguese counterpart, CTT are issuing, through collaborative works, a joint stamp featuring the old ships of the two countries – Korea’s “Turtle Ship” and Portugal’s “Nau.” The backdrop of the sheet features the painting of . . .

Full stamp details at: Korean Stamp Portal Service

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

United Nations Postage Stamps Honor 50th Anniversary of Spaceflight

As part of the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Spaceflight, the Post of Russia and the UN Postal Administration issued souvenir stamps on 12 April, including one featuring an iconic image of Mr. Gagarin.

Mr. Gagarin became the first human being to travel into space on 12 April 1961 when he orbited the Earth on the Vostok-1 spacecraft in a flight lasting 108 minutes.

Full stamp details at: United Nations Postal Administration

Belarus Celebrates Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin 50th Anniversary of Spaceflight

On April 12, 2011 the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus will issue the stamp “50th anniversary of the first manned space flight”.
The stamp design is granted to member countries of the Universal Postal Union on the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the flight of Yuri Gagarin . . .

Full stamp details at: Belarus Post

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin 50th Anniversary Spaceflight Honored on Russia Postage Stamp

On the occasion of 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s Spaceflight, the Russian Postal Services released Gagarin Stamp, to commemorate the world’s first Cosmonaut who ushered a new era for mankind to reach outer planet on April 12, 1961. On this day Gagarin performed the space flight abroad the Vostok-1 spacecraft orbiting earth in 108 minutes and . . .

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Monday, April 18, 2011

California Artist Creates First Neon Postage Stamp

Neon lights, they're everywhere you go. Theaters, motels, and now, in your mailbox?

In 2009, an art director from the U.S. Postal Service asked Michael Flechtner to create a neon postage stamp. At first, the neon artist in Van Nuys thought they were kidding.

"I thought, a postage stamp?" said Flechtner. "I just thought he was putting me on. He said the theme is . . .

Full story and video at: NBC LA

Friday, April 15, 2011

Afghanistan War Hero Says No to His Face on Postage Stamp

New 60 cent stamps were to feature the faces of all Victoria Cross holders.

The face of the country's only living winner of our highest military award will not feature on a new series of New Zealand Post stamps honouring Victoria Cross winners.

Corporal Willie Apiata was apparently uncomfortable being the only living hero on the series of 22 stamps, the . . .

Full story at: Otago Daily Times

Jersey Issues Squirts and Sponges Postage Stamps

On 7 April 2011, Jersey Post released their latest stamp issue entitled ‘Marine Life IX – Squirts and Sponges’. The stamps are presented as a set of six and are accompanied by a Souvenir Miniature Sheet.

As an island, Jersey is rich in marine treasures to discover and explore and previous issues in this series have included anemones, corals and seashells. Looking a little more closely, there still remains a wonderful world of squirts and sponges worthy of investigation by a sub-aqua audience and which are the focus of this colourful stamp issue.

Sea squirts derive their name from . . .

Full story at: Jersey Post

Irish Amateur Boxing 100th Anniversary Postage Stamp Released

Minister Ring unveils Irish Amateur Boxing Association Centenary Stamps.

A new stamp marking the centenary of the Irish Amateur Boxing Association was unveiled by Michael Ring TD, Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport at the National Stadium, Dublin today.

The new stamp features a striking action shot of boxers David Joyce of St Michael’s Boxing Club, Athy (in blue) and Stephen O’Reilly of Twin Towns Boxing Club, Ballybofey, Co Donegal, alongside the IABA crest.

The IABA is the . . .

Full story at: An Post

Iceland Issues Postage Stamps Celebrating Garden Parks

On April 5 Iceland Post issued a pair of Garden Parks postage stamps designed by Hany Hadaya. The new stamps feature Austurvöllur and Parliament Parks.

Austurvöllur is a park in the center of Reykjavík. A statue of Jón Sigurðsson, hero of Icelandic independence is in the center of the park. Around Austurvöllur there are many of the more remarkable buildings of the city, among them the Parliament building, Hotel Borg, the building of the National Telegraph and the Reykjavik Cathedral. Austurvöllur is a popular destination among city people on sunny days.

The Parliament park is the oldest and best preserved park adjoining an . . .

Full story at: Iceland Post

Hong Kong Issues Green Living Postage Stamps

Hongkong Post released on April 14 a set of special stamps and associated philatelic products with the theme of "Green Living."

Hong Kong has experienced phenomenal social progress and economic advances over the past few decades. As the territory becomes an international financial centre and a global trading hub, there is increasing community awareness of the concept of "sustainability", which advocates a suitable balance between development and conservation. In this context, embarking on green way of living is conducive to the objective of building a better future for our future generations.

Hongkong Post seeks to promote "Green Living" as a positive means to . . .

Full story at: Hongkong Post

Falkland Islands Coastline Commemorated on New Postage Stamps

The Falklands’ coastline is enriched by a series of magnificent bluffs and numerous offshore islands and stacks. The stamps in this series illustrate both some of the best-known and other more obscure examples of these features. Many are seldom seen other than from the air and can only be visited by way of a long and arduous boat ride. Their very remoteness has meant that, in certain cases, they have remained almost untouched by man and free of introduced species. Such islands have retained the . . .

Full story at: Falkland Islands Philatelic Bureau

Australia Post Issues Kate Middleton and Prince William Royal Wedding Postage Stamps

The limited edition stamp and medallion cover from this stamp issue will be released on the day of the wedding and postmarked 29 April 2011.

Royal weddings are usually very grand affairs orchestrated amid great pomp and ceremony, and, since Princess Margaret's wedding to the Earl of Snowden in 1960, watched on television by millions of viewers worldwide. The expected viewing audience for the royal wedding of HRH Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton is expected to exceed recorded viewing numbers for earlier royal weddings.

Westminster Abbey, featured on the minisheet of this official stamp issue, has been the . . .

Full story at: Australia Post

Gibraltar Celebrates 125 Years of Postage Stamps

Early details of postal arrangements in Gibraltar are hard to establish although it is known that postal facilities were provided by the Civil Secretary’s Office from 1749. Gibraltar became a packet port in July 1806 (a year after the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805), although the Civil Secretary’s office continued to be responsible for other mail. The two services were amalgamated on 1st January 1857 as a Branch Office of the British Post Office with the control of the Gibraltar Post Office not reverting to Gibraltar until the 1st January 1886.

Spanish stamps could be used in Gibraltar from their introduction in 1850 and indeed such franking was required on letters . . .

Full story at: Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau

Gibraltar Europa 2011 Year of Forest Postage Stamps Released

The year 2011 was declared the International Year of Forests by the United Nations to “raise awareness and strengthen the sustainable forest management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests for the benefit of current and future generations.”

The stamps depict forests found in the Amazon, Brazil; Yosemite National Park in California, North America; Alpine forests and forests found in Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.

The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil, South America is a . . .

Full story at: Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau

Niue Defends Royal Wedding Postage Stamp That Splits Couple

The leader of the Pacific nation of Niue has mounted a robust defence of stamps marking Britain's royal wedding which have a perforated line that splits the happy couple.

Premier Toke Talagi admitted the stamps were "unusual" but said they showed Niue was celebrating the marriage.

The stamps are sold as a . . .

Full story at: BBC News

Canada Post Unveils Kate Middleton and Prince William Royal Wedding Postage Stamps

Ottawa (ON) – This morning, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada and Deepak Chopra, President and CEO of Canada Post, unveiled two stamps—one domestic and one international—to celebrate the upcoming wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton. The stamps will be issued on April 29—the day of the nuptials—and will be available at post offices across Canada, online or by mail order. The last Royal Wedding stamp by Canada Post was issued in 1948.

The new stamps feature photographs of the Royal Couple and were personally approved by His Royal Highness Prince William and Her Majesty The Queen. The domestic stamp shows a photo of the couple when they announced their engagement last November, and the international rate stamp bears the official engagement portrait taken by famed photographer Mario Testino.

“Canadian stamps document our country’s history and accomplishments, but they can also be a . . .

Full story at: Canada Post

Go Green U.S. Postage Stamps Released

On April 14, 2011 the Postal Service™ issued a set of 16 Go Green commemorative postage stamps designed by Award-winning animator, filmmaker, and illustrator Eli Noyes and Art Director Derry Noyes .

Big environment. Big issues. Little you. If you feel as if there's not much one person can do to make a positive impact on the environment—just take a look at these Go Green (Forever®) stamps. They illustrate simple things we each can do every day. With only a few small changes to the way we live.

Out of . . .

Full story at:

Oveta Culp Hobby U.S. Definitive Postage Stamp Issued

On April 15, 2011, in Houston, Texas, the Postal Service™ issued a 84-cent Oveta Culp Hobby (3rd ounce) definitive stamp, in 1 design in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) pane of 20 stamps. This stamp in the Distinguished Americans series was designed by Phil Jordan and honors Oveta Culp Hobby (1905-1995), journalist, business leader and public servant. During World War II, she answered the call to public service by forming and leading the Women's Army Corps (WAC). In 1953, she became the first secretary of the Deparment of Health, Education and Welfare, the second woman to hold a Cabinet post.

The stamp art, by illustrator and painter Sterling Hundley, Richmond, Virginia, is based on an undated black-and-white photograph of Hobby in her WAC uniform, with its legendary service cap, the "Hobby hat."

Full stamp details at:

Civil War Postage Stamps Souvenir Sheet Released by U.S. Postal Service

With this 2011 issuance, the U.S. Postal Service begins a series commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, joining others across the country in paying tribute to the American experience during the tumultuous years from 1861 to 1865.

A souvenir sheet with two stamp designs will be issued each year through 2015. For 2011, one stamp depicts the beginning of the war in April 1861 at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, while the other depicts the first major battle of the war three months later at Bull Run, near Manassas, Virginia.

Art Director Phil Jordan created the stamps using . . .

Full story at:

Voyageurs National Park Minnesota U.S. Airmail Postage Stamp Released

On April 11, 2011, in Washington, DC, the Postal Service™ issued an 80-cent Voyageurs National Park definitive stamp in one design in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) pane of 20 stamps. The stamp was designed by Ethel Kessler.

This international rate stamp in the Scenic American Landscapes series features a photograph of Voyageurs National Park by Richard Olsenius, showing rocks and marsh grass in water.

Full stamp details at:

George Washington U.S. Definitive Postage Stamp Issued

On April 11, 2011, in Washington, DC, the Postal Service™ issued a 20-cent George Washington definitive stamp in one design in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) pane of 20 stamps and a PSA roll of 100 stamps. The stamp was designed by Derry Noyes.

This stamp features a portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828), one of the most celebrated American painters of his era. The painting shown on the stamp is an oil-on-canvas copy Stuart made of a portrait he did from life in 1796.

Full stamp details at:

Wedding Cake U.S. Postage Stamp Reissued

On April 11, 2011, in Washington, DC, the Postal Service™ issued a 64-cent Wedding Cake definitive stamp in one design in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) pane of 20 stamps. The stamp was designed by Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, Maryland.

The U.S. Postal Service® reissued the Wedding Cake stamp, first introduced in 2009, as part of its . . .

Full story at:

Herbs U.S. Definitive Postage Stamps Released

On April 7, 2011, in New York, New York, the Postal Service™ issued a 29-cent Herbs stamp in five designs in a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) pane of 20 stamps and a PSA Roll of 100. The stamp was designed by Phil Jordan of Falls Church, Virginia.

The United States Postal Service® issued five stamps featuring various herbs used for fragrance, flavoring, medicine, and . . .

Full story at:

Patriotic Quill and Inkwell U.S. Postage Stamp Released

On February 14, 2011, in Kansas City, Missouri, the Postal Service™ issued a Patriotic Quill and Inkwell definitive stamp.

This stamp features a white quill pen dipping into a red-white-and-blue inkwell accented with stars, clearly suggesting the American flag. The inkwell and the antique writing implement combine to evoke the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and other documents of national significance.

The quill pen was the most common writing instrument at the time of . . .

Full story at:

New Forever Postage Stamp Features Counterfeit Statue of Liberty

As if further proof were needed that New York is not the center of the universe.

The United States Postal Service has issued a new stamp featuring the Statue of Liberty. Only the statue it features is not the one in the harbor, but the replica at the New York-New York casino in Las Vegas.

You might think that the post office would have just gone with the original, the one off the tip of . . .

Full story at: New York Times

David Tennant’s "Hamlet" Honored by Royal Mail Postage Stamp

LONDON (BBC) – "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy." Many people don't realize that this is Hamlet's real line, instead of the misquoted "Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well." But I digress...

Most of David Tennant’s fans believe him to be of excellent fancy, too. Royal Mail agrees, honoring the former Doctor Who star with his own stamp.

Royal Mail has . . .

Full story at:

U.S. Postal Service Makes Purple Heart Postage Stamp “Forever”

New Classification Ensures Stamp Will Continue in Circulation

An effort to honor military heroes that began in the New York State Senate 11 years ago has now resulted in the U.S. Postal Service announcing that the Purple Heart postage stamp has been classified as a “Forever” stamp, ensuring that it will continue in circulation.

The campaign to create the Purple Heart Stamp was started in January 2000 by . . .

Full story at: Long Island News

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Civil War Postage Stamps Mark 150 Year Anniversary of Fort Sumter Attack

CHARLESTON, SC — The U.S. Postal Service today issued the first of an annual series of Forever Stamps that recognize key events of the Civil War — America’s bloodiest conflict, which began 150 years ago today at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor.

The first-day-of-issue dedication ceremony took place at Liberty Square in Charleston, a location within earshot of cannon fire that ignited the conflict that killed 670,000 Americans — a casualty rate exceeding the combined total of Americans killed in all wars since that time.

“From this day forward, these historic images of Fort Sumter and the First Battle of Bull Run will be carried on letters and packages to millions of households and businesses throughout America,” said James C. Miller III, U.S. Postal Service Board of Governor member in dedicating the stamps. “In this small way, the United States Postal Service recognizes the Civil War as a significant and uniquely American experience, and we hope to share the . . .

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Kate Middleton and Prince William Royal Wedding

Everything to do with the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton such as Commemorative stamps, Limited Edition First Day Covers and Special Folders are expected to give the philatelic world a very much needed boost in the run up to the royal wedding.

Some countries like Gibraltar and the Isle of Man have already launched their first part of the collection commemorating the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton whilst everyone in . . .

Full story at: World Stamp News

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dying Art of Stamp Collecting

PYGMIES and pyramids, Orang Utans and tigers, for generations a hobby now seen by many as dull and dusty opened up a new world for young people in the area.

As the Leytonstone and Wanstead Philatelic society celebrates its 75th year I talked to members about their passion and how changing times have lead this once popular hobby to become increasingly obscure.

The Society was founded in 1946 and since then members have met every two weeks at . . .

Full story at: This is Local London

Stamp Collecting Getting More Complicated

Five years ago Canada Post announced a major business restructuring that included, among many other things, a promise to reduce the annual stamp program, with fewer stamps to be issued each year.

Speaking directly to collectors, Moya Greene, then president and CEO of Canada Post, said: "Following direction from many of you, I commit to a gradual reduction in the number of issues and individual stamps Canada Post will produce."

Philatelists had long been griping about the . . .

Full story at: Telegraph-Journal

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dusty Miller Cartoons Grace New Postage Stamps to be Issued in May

Isle of Man Post Office is pleased to present a set of 6 stamps in honour of a former Liverpool telegram boy who became the Island’s most influential cartoonist.

Between 1933 and 1962 newspaper cartoons by Harold ‘Dusty’ Miller (1898-1964) captured political and social issues in a way that text alone could not. Some cartoons would remain topical for generations. Occasionally he bordered on morale-raising or conscience-pricking propaganda but mostly visualised public sentiment.

One WWII cartoon depicted a giant crowned imperial vulture about to take a Manx woman in its beak across the sea of . . .

Full story at: Isle of Man Post Office

Isle of Man Kate Middleton and Prince William Royal Wedding Postage Stamps Released

The Isle of Man Post Office congratulates Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton on their forthcoming royal wedding on April 29, 2011, which will be marked by a public holiday.

To celebrate this special occasion, we are issuing a miniature sheet of two stamps, featuring Prince William and his bride to be on the 15th April 2011.

It will be an exciting day for Britain, which is currently in the middle of a recession. Billions of people around the world are expected to watch the ceremony on television and thousands will line the streets of London. Prince William follows in the footsteps of his grandparents by getting married to Catherine at Westminster Abbey. It was there that the Queen . . .

Full story at: Isle of Man Post Office

U.S. Postal Service Awards Author of Postal History Book

WASHINGTON — Philip F. Rubio, assistant professor of History, North Carolina A&T State University has been awarded the Rita Lloyd Moroney Senior Prize from the U.S. Postal Service for his book, There’s Always Work at the Post Office: African American Postal Workers and the Fight for Jobs, Justice, and Equality (Chapel Hill: Univ. of North Carolina Press, 2010).

The Rita Lloyd Moroney Awards are designed to encourage study and publication of the history of the American postal system and to raise awareness about the significance of the postal system in American life. They include the Senior Prize ($2,000) for work published by faculty members, independent scholars, public historians, and other non-degree candidates and the Junior Prize ($1,000) for work written or published by undergraduates or graduate students.

This year’s Junior Prize has been presented to . . .

Full story at:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Queen Elizabeth II 85th Birthday Celebrated on Postage Stamps

Australia Post has released a set of postage stamps honoring the 85th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Issued on April 5, the stamps were designed by Lunette Traynor in denominations of 60 cents and $2.20.

Queen Elizabeth II was born at 2.40am on 21 April 1926 in Mayfair, London, and celebrates her 85th birthday this year. Christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, the Queen was the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, who later became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Following tradition, the official Monarch's birthday is celebrated in Australia every year in . . .

Full story at: Australia Post

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Royal Wedding Postage Stamp has Kate Middleton and Prince William Splitting Up

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The Pacific nation of Niue has printed unusual commemorative stamps for Britain's royal wedding: an image of Prince William and Kate Middleton with perforations that split the couple down the middle.

The general manager of stamps and coins at . . .

Full story at: The Canadian Press

Monday, April 4, 2011

South Africa Launches Space Agency SumbandilaSat Satellite Postage Stamps

To mark the launch of South Africa’s second locally-built micro-satellite, SumbandilaSat, the South African Post Office has issued a set of five stamps and a commemorative cover on 1 April 2011.

Launching the stamps at the South African National Space Agency’s facilty at Hartebeesthoek in the Northwest Province, Post Office Chairperson Vuyo Mahlati said the stamps can be . . .

Full story at: The South African Post Office

Sunday, April 3, 2011

National Gallery of Victoria Art Celebrated on Postage Stamps

Five paintings by Australian artists drawn from the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) are being featured by Australia Post in a new stamp issue celebrating the 150th anniversary of the NGV.

Flowers have long been a favourite subject of artists and this stamp issue features a selection of vibrant floral still-life paintings which include A bunch of flowers 1930 by Nora Heysen, Camellias 1937 by Arnold Shore, Fruit and flowers circa 1924 by Vida Lahey, Still-life, Zinnias 1925-30 by Roy de Maistre and A cottage bunch 1930 by Hans Heysen.

The tradition of still-life flower painting dates back to the seventeenth century and . . .

Full story at: Australia Post

Asian Investors Boosting Rare Stamp Collecting

Growing interest in rare stamps from collectors in Asia is raising the profile of philately as a source of investment return. Stanley Gibbons, one of the world’s largest stamp dealers, says its client base in the region is gradually expanding, particularly in greater China, where stamp prices at recent auctions have . . .

Full story at: Financial Times

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Artist Makes His Mark with NASA U.S. Postage Stamps

Growing up, Donato Giancola was influenced by the typical stuff of adolescence: comic books, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons and The Lord of the Rings. At the same time, Giancola loved to draw.

"I was just prolific,” said the Boerum Hill resident. "I drew everything."

Since then, Giancola has worked to channel his interests and abilities and has become one of the most renowned artists in the science fiction and . . .

Full story at: Carroll Gardens Patch